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Put us to work for you 
We want to be your sandwich, wrap, and ready-to-eat meal supplier!  In business for over 20 years,  we have always taken great pride in being able to provide customers with a diverse menu selection, quality focus, and an unmatched ability to roll out new products fast.  These strengths are what influence our well-known corporate customers to order more product and help to keep their consumers (after all, that's who we work for) satisfied, full, and wanting more.

We are...
  Partnered with several major brands.
  Committed to top Quality & Service.
  Open 365 days per year.
  Able to offer a unique, large menu.
  Able to offer various packaging options.
  Able to deliver seven (7) days a week.
  Always available to answer your questions!

How it all works 
Step 1:  Contact Sales to learn more about Greencore/On a Roll Sales
Step 2:  Visit Greencore/On a Roll Sales to tour our USDA-facility and meet our friendly staff.
Step 3:  Identify/choose your initial menu and packaging preferences.
Step 4   Select label design, coding, and shelf-life needs.
Step 5:  Establish ordering estimates, delivery options, and other administrative info.
Step 6:  Finalize record keeping requirements, costing details, and order dates.
Step 7:  Submit initial orders and begin satisfying your customers like never before.
Step 8:  Continue ordering and working with OARS to provide delicious products.

Getting Started 
Don't wait!  Contact a member of our Sales team to learn more about how we can help you provide excellent sandwiches, wraps, and meals to your hungry customers!



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